Renovations Plans

Did you know that our iconic Farmhouse was built by a Revolutionary War watchmaker? Or that it was once home to a flour mill that supplied George Washington’s troops? Here at The Watermark at Bellingham, we’re part of Chester County’s rich storied legacy – and now we’re making history again.

Bridging our honored traditional heritage with modern amenities and innovative design, The Watermark at Bellingham is excited to announce plans for renovation and renewal.

Among our many new enhancements will be Washington’s Tavern, a new dining venue in the Farmhouse with a full bar and seasonal menu. In our Clubhouse, a new main dining venue will maintain its original beams and stone wall while welcoming elegance to the table. Other community spaces like the Fitness Center will be refreshed as well, and new additions like the Yoga Studio and Marketplace will add convenience for contemporary lifestyles.

Our residences will also feature exciting renovations, including upscale touches like solid countertops, stainless steel appliances, increased storage areas, and modern, inviting design.

We’re proud of our past at The Watermark at Bellingham – and we’re excited about the future. Call 610-436-6663 to learn more and come make history with us in our vibrant, active community!

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